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    "This is literally the first facial serum that did not leave my face feeling greasy or heavy. It goes on smoothly and immediately makes your skin feel and look softer, it also has a very nice smell and texture. Definitely, amazing product for the skin."

    - Liz P

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    "I’m a male nurse and work with my mask on all the time which makes me prone to more acne. I’ve been using the serum for the past two months and my scars have been going away. My skin has been having less acne and it looks better overall. I would recommend this to everyone that needs it."

    - Cody

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    Photos Without Filter

    "I really like the smell and texture of the serum. Fragrances and alcohol give me a rash. Whenever I use the Kiss Naturals serum, my face feels brighter and smoother. Today I put on concealer, lipstick and voila. Photo without filter."

    - Patricia

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    "Both the cleanser and the serum are out of this world, you feel the change instantly. Will definitely buy it again."

    - Elionay

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