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Our Story

Hi. I’m Zuleika! The pharmacist and owner of Kiss Naturals.After a tragic accident, my entire left thigh was left scarred, and the beautiful skin that had been there was gone. Possibly forever. This disfigurement left me self-conscious in swimsuits and shorts and less confident in my appearance.

I spent tons of money buying multiple products to help my skin heal. Products that were not natural, not good for my health, and terrible for the planet. Not to mention, they were stupidly expensive!

I knew that with my background as a chemist and pharmacist, I could create something better. A product that heals all types of scars and creates glowing, hydrated, natural skin for people with any skin type. A product that’s affordable. One that supports our health and our planet.

And so I did. I kissed my scarred skin goodbye with Kiss Naturals.


Our Bundles

Magic Glow Duo
Magic Glow Duo
Magic Glow Duo Combo Kiss Naturals Small
Magic Glow Duo
Magic Glow Duo Combo Kiss Naturals
Magic Glow Duo
Magic Glow Duo

Magic Glow Duo


We Are

We Believe

Feed your face and the hungry.
While kissing fine lines and wrinkles goodbye.

At Kiss Naturals, we believe there is absolutely no reason anyone should go hungry. That’s why we’ve partnered with Feeding America so that your skin and your heart can feel good about every purchase you make from us!

Kiss Naturals donates $1 per purchase to Feeding America.

Your Impact
1 Purchase = 10 meals

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We have a 365-day return policy, which means that any product you purchase from us can be returned for any reason in exchange for a full refund within 365 days of your receiving the item.


Unlike your former skincare routine,
Our emails aren’t complicated.

We promise to only send you emails when they’re simple, hilarious and save you money. You can kiss us later.