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A Better Way To Care For Your Skin.

After scraping my entire left thigh on the pavement, road rash from the accident left scars behind that as a pharmacist I knew required a complete scar treatment therapy.

It was frustrating that I had to buy at least 3 expensive products from the pharmacy since they all had 1 active ingredient each, and still lacked so many amazing natural compounds that help my skin during the healing process.

I was determined to create a better serum. With a complete set of ingredients, I fine-tuned a formula that worked best for me, and the results were incredible: my tight scars healed beautifully.

I decided to take it a step further and try applying the gentle creme to my face, and my acne spots disappeared. My skin felt nourished, beautiful, and I felt beautiful and comfortable in my own skin.

Even though it was natural, made with no compromise on the ingredient and quality, with zero harmful alcohol additives or preservatives, I wanted to make sure I had safe and reliable data showing the serum can help others.

I made one for everyone around me, including my mom, my aunts, nieces, and closest friends. That’s when I knew that I made “A Better Way To Care For Your Skin.”

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Our Commitments

Sustainability - We respect and honor the planet and nature. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. Our goal is to minimize our impact to the planet and the ecosystem. Our skincare is not only good for you, its good for the planet.

Safe, Clean, Simple Skincare

Our Founder

Zuleika Alvarado

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