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7 Bizarre Acne Facts You Need To Know

Remember the first time you saw a small, red bump on your face? It probably caused you a lot of panic, right? After all, witnessing sudden changes in one’s body (especially during puberty and even into adulthood) can truly be an alarming and confusing phase in our lives.

But what if we told you that the acne all of us have experienced contain some very interesting—albeit bizarre—facts tied to them? Check out the 7 bizarre acne facts we’ve gathered, which you definitely should know about!

Bizarre Fact #1: Pimples Are Unique and Are Not Created Equal

There are all sorts of pimples out there, and all of them have different characteristics. Let’s start off by naming each of them first and talk a little bit more about their differences in detail.

Whiteheads – Whiteheads are acne that form whenever bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil get trapped inside one of our pores. The “white” stuff that comes out of whiteheads is what’s called a pus—a dense fluid containing dead white cells.

Blackhead – Blackheads are considered to be a mild class of acne that makes a tiny spot on your skin’s surface appear to be black. They usually take form when your hair follicles become clogged.

Papules – A papule is an area of the skin that’s been raised to less than 1 centimetre due to skin lesions. They often change the skin colour, texture, shape, and size of the affected area.

Nodules – Unlike papules, the appearance of nodules are caused by the growth of an abnormal tissue. They can flourish in internal organs or deeper skin tissues.

Pustules – Pustules manifest as bulging patches on the surface of the skin which are filled with pus. You can think of them as really big pimples.

Cysts – Now, these are the more troublesome types because they can cause a lot of pain. They’re basically sac-like pockets of membranous tissues filled with air, fluid, or other substances. You can find them growing under your skin or basically everywhere in your body.

Bizarre Fact #2: Being “Too Clean” Can Cause Problems

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning your face too much can actually have a negative effect on your facial skin. Exorbitant amounts of facial cleaning can aggravate the skin, making zits, pimples, and other skin conditions react unpleasantly. Also, cleaning your face too much might dry your skin, which can lead to excess oil build-ups and itchiness.

Bizarre Fact #3: The Main Cause of Acne is Quite Elusive

Truth be told, the primary cause of acne can actually be difficult to pinpoint. We still don’t fully understand how acnes develop, but dermatologists have identified 3 factors that might be the possible causes. These factors include:

• the skin’s oil glands are producing too much oil for some reason

• the excess oil carries dead skin cells with it and ends up clogging hair follicles

• bacteria develop inside the clogged hair follicles of our skin

But the causes don’t just stop there. See, hormonal changes, genetics, and lifestyle can also play a huge role when it comes to acne manifestations or growths. Aside from the 3 factors we just mentioned, you might be predisposed to get acnes if:

• your facial products or makeups are way too greasy for your skin

• you are taking medicines that can upset your hormonal levels

• acnes run prevalently in your family

• you are ingesting birth control pills or you are pregnant

 Bizarre Fact #4: A Vast Majority of Us Will Experience Having Acnes

According to Water’s Edge Dermatology, a vast majority of individuals are bound to have acne—whether they like it or not. They mention that 85% of people will inevitably suffer from acne, once they reach the right age. Other statistics that are available in their website cites that over 40% of teens will have acne and, quite possibly, acne scars by the time they reach the age of 15 – 19. Acne is also considered to be the most common skin disorder in the U.S.A, with roughly 40 – 50 million Americans being affected by it.

Bizarre Fact #5: There is One Place that Acnes Can’t Go To…

If our list has somewhat sullied your mood, then we have some good news for you! There is actually one place that acne can’t go to. Can you indulge us with any guesses? Believe it or not, you actually can’t have acne in your toes. Dr. Nick Lowe, a world-renowned consultant and professor of Dermatology, explains that acne mostly occurs where sebaceous glands are in abundance. These areas include our chins, noses, and foreheads, but certainly not our toes!

Bizarre Fact #6: Acne-Free Populations Do Indeed Exist

You might find this unbelievable, we certainly did, but acne-free populations do exist. In fact, Kitavan islanders in Papau New Guinea experienced no acne at all based on research led by medical doctor and professor Steffan Lindeber. Furthermore, a similar case was also reported by a tribe in Paraguay called the Aiche. Researchers believe that the absence of refined sugar in their diets is what’s helping them live acne-free lives.

Bizarre Fact #7: There is No Prevention or Cure, But Treatment is Available

Unfortunately, there is currently no exact cure or prevention for acne. However, effective treatment is available for anyone who needs it. Treatments include practicing proper (but not excessive) facial hygiene, gel creams, moisturizers, water-based makeups, lifestyle changes, retinoids, antibiotics, azelaic and salicylic acids, dapsone, and more.

If you are suffering from acne yourself, we encourage you to visit a dermatologist so you can get the right treatment. We hope that you found the facts we’ve shared both helpful and entertaining. Remember to always consult experts like dermatologists, so that your face can remain free of these unsightly acne!

By Jeandie Galolo 

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