L-Ascorbic Acid


Also Called: Vitamin-C, Vitamin C, L-ascorbic acid

What It Does: Antioxidant, Skin Brightening, Buffering

Quick Facts:

  • Works best between 5-20% concentration
  • Boosts the skin's own collagen production
  • Fades pigmentation and brown spots
  • If used under sunscreen it boosts its UV protection
  • Unstable and oxidizes easily in presence of light or air (this why its best kept in powdered form)
  • Potent Vitamin-C serums may cause tingling on sensitive skin


Vitamin-C or Ascorbic Acid has tremendous benefits not only for the body but for the skin. Eating lots of Vitamin C does not help our skin to have high levels of it. But, putting Vitamin-C cream or serum on our skin actually helps, a lot. 

Collagen helps to keep our skin firm and wrinkle free. Vitamin-C helps boost collagen production. In a study from 1999 a 10% Vitamin-C serum was shown to decrease wrinkles when applied for a 3 month period. Another study, confirmed that applying a 5% Vitamin C cream for 6 months showed statistically significant improvement in skin hydration, wrinkles, glase, brown spots and skin density.


L-Ascorbic Acid helps to maintain the skin barrier integrity, fights pigmentation, may be involved in anti-inflammation processes in the skin, is involved in collagen production, and protects against sun damage.

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