What It Does: emollient

Irritancy: 0

Comedogenicity: 1


A type of silicone, dimethicone is one of the most frequently used emollient ingredients in moisturizers due to its gentleness and effectiveness. Dimethicone is considered a synthetic ingredient, even though it’s derived from natural silicon.

Applied to skin, dimethicone forms a permeable barrier that works to prevent moisture loss and impart a wonderfully silky feel.

Dimethicone makes the skin silky smooth, adds a subtle gloss and forms a protective barrier. It also works well to fill in fine lines, wrinkles and give skin a plump look (of course temporarily). Dimethicone is sometimes used in scar treatment gels as their base ingredient. It helps soften scars and increase their elasticity.

Dimethicone is considered safe as used in cosmetic products.


Dimethicone helps to temporarily smooth fine lines and wrinkles functioning as a skin-conditioner. Also it prevents water loss by creating a seal or barrier on your skin and downgrades the production of cytokines.

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